En Fuego Latino is a created and owned by En Fuego Productions LLC. To see full bios, please click on a below picture or name.
Paola Osma
The visionary behind Evolution, Paola serves as Director, Creator and Choreographer for En Fuego Latino and is co-founder of En Fuego Productions LLC. Born, raised and educated in Bogota, Colombia, she has her Masters in Theater, Dance and Dramatic Arts. She began dancing at age 5 and teaching at age 15.
Paola Osma
Barbara Rowlette
Assistant Director Barbara studied Modern dance at Southern Illinois. She is a dancer and teacher with am emphasis in Brazilian dance having studied under notable instructors such as Carlos Aceituno, Tania Santiago, and Malonga Casquelorde.
Barbara Rowlette
Tate Behning
As Producer of En Fuego Latino and Co-Founder, En Fuego Productions LLC, Tate Behning takes on the many daily challenges of marketing, promoting and managing a show of this caliber. Besides show production, Tate is an Account Director for the Van Heyst Group and a professional triathlete.
Tate Behning

Under the artistic direction of Paola Osma and Barbara Rowlette, the En Fuego Dance Troupe features over 20 beautiful, talented dancers from across the front range. With many different backgrounds and experiences, this diverse group has risen to the challenge to bring this stunning piece to life.


Marie Appelo
Annette Bancroft
Marcela Blanco-Velez
Sarah Brin
Carol Brunelli
Julie Cool
Victoria Garcia
Lynn Helig
Sara Hirsch
Kendra Howard
Linnea Jewett
Michelle Kaye
Zane Montgomery
Paola Osma
Anne Raabe
Jenn Reichling
Barbara Rowlette
Peggy Sue Schmoldt
Faire Stanley
Mark Stockwell
Lynn Vandemark